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Have you ever thought to turn that old concrete item into an amazing polished concrete feature?
If you have concrete bench seats, benches, garden stepping stones, letterbox, etc... these concrete items can all be turned into a unique work of art by getting them polished. 

Polished Concrete has been around for some time now but still not much is known by most people about the types of concrete polishing on offer and the procedures involved in transforming your concrete into your desired type of polished concrete.

Universal Flooring  strongly believe that the correct information about the types of concrete polishing we offer and the processes involved for the different types of polished concrete will help you achieve an informed decision.

The two main types of polished concrete Universal Flooring specialize in are HYBRID POLISHED CONCRETE and HIGH GRIT CONCRETE POLISHING. High Grit Concrete Polishing is a type of polished concrete that isn't sealed with conventional sealers but is hardened with densifiers such as lithium silicate, potassium silicates, Sodium silicate or colloidal silica.

The finishing polish is taken up to either 800 grit 1500 grit or 3000 grit (this will depend on the MPA of your concrete). This type of polishing will cost more initially but as there is no sealer needed, your polished concrete will not need to be resealed in the future.   

Universal Flooring's Hybrid Polished Concrete is densified at one stage of the process and is polished at 140 grit 200 grit or 400 grit depending on the MPA of the concrete (concrete density) then sealed with one of our three types of finishing sealers. Please note ALL of our sealers used are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).

Both high grit and hybrid polished concrete are low maintenance, extremely long lasting and far more durable than many modern flooring options. 

A polished concrete floor properly maintained may give 100 years or more of service. With environmental issues continuing to affect the weather particularly in South East Queensland, polished concrete is a strong option in flooring.

Both polishing options are superior when it comes to your health as dust, mold and many other allergens are unable to harbor in polished concrete.

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