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 Welcome to Universal Flooring!

If you’re looking at our website, then you are thinking of renovating, decorating, repairing, or revamping your existing concrete.

 For more information, please have a look through our page to better understand the services we offer.

 One of our directors Benjamin has spent many years working in the flooring and construction industry and has a wealth of knowledge.

Benjamin is happy to share his technical advice with you.

Services we offer include:

Tile Removal

Diamond Grinding

Glue Removal

Paint Removal

Vinyl Removal

Water Damage Repairs

Grind and Seal

Select Tile Removal

Ramp installations

Honed Concrete

Lippage Removal

Coating Removal 

Before and after of Tile removal and diamond grinding.
JackhammerCoating RemovalHoned ConcreteFloor stripping
Are you renovating your flooring?

Its always best to start with a blank canvas.

Your new floor covering is only as good as what it is stuck to, for this reason we always recommend you remove the existing floor covering before installing the new flooring.
Floor Stripping.

We remove Tiles, Vinyl, Carpet, Diamond Grinding, Glue removal, Timber flooring, Cork and Epoxy Coatings.

We remove ALL floor coverings, Line marking, Paint, Glues, Resins and tile glazes, stencilled concrete.

The cost of the removal of your floor covering, whatever it might be also includes the removal of glue or residue from the existing floor. Often floor stripping can be an unexpected cost when it comes to renovating therefore, we can tailor a price to suit your budget. When a particular budget needs to be met this requires one of our friendly staff to go on site to do a free onsite quote and inspection.

If you can tell us what floor covering you would like to have installed, we can prepare your floor for your desired floor covering. EG:  leveling by diamond grinding.

Polished Concrete.

Universal Flooring strongly believe that the correct information about the types of concrete polishing available, and the processes involved for the different types of polished concrete will help you achieve an informed decision.

The two main types of polished concrete Universal Flooring specialize in are HYBRID POLISHED CONCRETE and HONED CONCRETE POLISHING. Honed Concrete Polishing is a type of polished concrete that is sealed with a penetrative sealer.

Universal Flooring's Hybrid Polished Concrete is densified at one stage of the process and is polished at 140 grit 200 grit or 400 grit, depending on the MPA of the concrete (concrete density) then sealed with one of our three types of finishing sealers. Please note ALL our sealers used are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).

Both honed and hybrid polished concrete are low maintenance, extremely long lasting and far more durable than many modern flooring options.

A polished concrete floor properly maintained may give many years of service. With environmental issues continuing to affect the weather particularly in Southeast Queensland, polished concrete is a strong option in flooring.

Both polishing options are superior when it comes to your health as dust, mould and many other allergens are unable to harbor in polished concrete.

Concrete Preperation.

Concrete preparation means any kind of work performed on your concrete slab to prepare it for any kind of floor covering or just to repair your slab so it’s in a safe and sound condition.

Just an example of some of the floor coverings we can prepare your slab for are: - Carpet, tiles, vinyl, epoxy coatings, polished concrete, timber floors, stencilled concrete and much more.

 More common preparations may require the removal of glues, paints, or epoxy coatings, stencilled concrete, tiles, carpet and vinyl. This kind of preparation is called floor stripping. It's also the most common types of preparation.

Other kinds of concrete preparation are repair preparations, an example of repair preparations are - joint repairs, holes, water damaged concrete (on either old or new slabs), concrete cancer or hardening your concrete (Increasing the surface MPA) waterproofing or leveling trip hazards and slip hazards. (Scarifying) or even cleaning and sealing exposed aggregate.

 Whatever the preparation, we will be happy

to answer your questions or help guide you to the right kind of preparation for the right kind of finish.

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